Here’s a list of previous and current HEF programs. Take our poll to let us know which has been your favorite to date!

* Coming in Spring – Fall 2015 *

After-School Winter Enrichment Programs (George G. White)

New and innovative after-school programs are around the corner. To be announced.

Robotics Team Lego Robotics Kits (George G. White)

The 2014-2015 Robotics team at Pascack Hills in November

The 2014-2015 Robotics team at Pascack Hills in November

The Falafel Waffles with other area teams at the State Competition

The Falafel Waffles with other area teams at the State Competition

For the 2015-16 school year, HEF is funding a portion of new Lego NXT kits that will increase students’ understanding of the latest robotics technology—and keep our teams competitive in the NJ First Lego League Robotics Competition, held each November at Pascack Hills High School.

HEF congratulates the 2014-15 George White Robotics teams on a successful season! At the Pascack Hills Competition this year, the teams competed in  categories including the project, FLL core values, robot design and robot game. The “Techno Hackers” impressed the judges with their knowledge of core values and excellent team work. “Team CyberPhoenix” blew the judges away with their unique and inventive design. And “The Falafel Waffles” were granted the Judge’s Award for their clear demonstration of Gracious Professionalism, by helping other teams perfect their robots. The Falafel Waffles also did well in all catagories and advanced to the state finals in Mt. Olive, New Jersey.

* Fall 2014 – ongoing *

Project Science After-school Science Club (George G. White)

2014-15 Science Club

2014-15 Science Club

The first session of Project Science is in full swing! Embarking on a journey of scientific exploration with Ms. Douglass and Ms. Cannella, the group’s first project was the construction of “Hot Air Balloons” and was a smashing success. These sixteen  students—ranging from grades 5-8—are now researching their own individual project ideas and have begun to conduct experiments and gather data. They will hold their own Science Fair to present their discoveries.

WeatherBug® Digital Weather Tracking and Analysis (All Schools)

Hands-on experiments help K-8 students at all three schools relate science, math, and technological concepts to the weather in their own town! Sensors capture live, local weather data, which are then integrated into classroom learning. This highly interactive program supports learning through live data collection, and reinforces science, math, writing, and media skills.

Educational Technology Training (George G. White)

Ms. Santos, the Librarian at George G. White School, attended a course to discover the optimal use of PCs in the classroom, and then extended that training to other teachers in the school.

Battle of the Books (George G. White)

Now in its fourth year at George G. White School, this popular reading program brings fifth- and sixth-grade students to compete with their peers among area and county schools. George White has quickly become the powerhouse team!

SEED Gardening Project (George G. White)

Under the guidance of Ms. Ives, students will be able to apply their horticultural skills to the care and maintenance of the George White Courtyard Garden, creating a relaxing, environment to be enjoyed for years to come.

2013-2014 School Year

E-Books (All schools)

With Ms. Killeen’s inspiration, K-8 students at all three public schools gained free access for a full year—including summertime reading—to hundreds of books from the TumbleBooks and TumbleCloud Jr. libraries, using any device with Internet access.

One School, One Book (Smith)

This extremely popular and innovative program returned to Smith School, with Ms. Oliff leading the teachers in bringing Betty G. Birney’s The World According to Humphrey to all Smith students and their families for at-home group reading.

Ooka Island (Meadowbrook)

So successful that HEF brought it back for a second year. Ms. Lang brought kindergartners and first graders on an early literacy adventure with in-class software that teaches phonics, reading, and comprehension skills through more than 80 books and companion games.

After-school Winter Enrichment Programs (George G. White)

HEF funded new and innovative after-school enrichment programs for middle-school students in January and February 2014, including:

  • Video Game Design—Ms. Karen Santos
  • Recycled Art—Ms. Elisa Sweeny
  • Let’s Get Baking! —Ms. Nancy Sakalosky
  • Jewelry from Around the World—Ms. Jenna Pizzo
  • Stock Market Simulation—Ms. Suzanne Pausz
  • Forensic Science—Ms. Alaina Cannella

Battle of the Books (George G. White)

At George White, Ms. Belhumer, Ms. Lavigne and Ms. Santos led interested 5th and 6th graders into the Battle of the Books. A lunchtime reading club turned into a great team competition among area and county schools.

2012-2013 School Year

Michael Dooling Author Visit (Meadowbrook and Smith)

In May 2013, this nationally renowned children’s author brought history to life with illustration and characters during eight grade-specific presentations.

Snacking and Chatting Book Club / Battle of the Books Competition (George G. White)

Ms. Belhumer, Ms. Lavigne and Ms. Santos conduct a yearlong lunchtime Book Club, and in Spring 2013 again led the George White team in Bergen County’s Battle of the Books competition. (We won in 2012!)

Enhancing Foreign Language Learning Through Technology (George G. White)

HEF funded the purchase of 15 Sony Voice Recorders that allow students to record and hear themselves speaking Spanish and Italian, adding a whole new dimension to the language classes of Ms. Vaile, Ms. Calafiore and Ms. Bustamante.

Science and Technology Initiative (George G. White)

HEF purchased Force Probe and Motion Sensor Kits for the science classes of Ms. Douglass, Ms. Cannella and Mr. Walden, bringing 21st century techniques to learning physics.

One School, One Book (Smith)

HEF purchased copies of The Cricket in Times Square for all students at Ann Blanche Smith School, for Ms. Oliff’s successful efforts in bringing reading to the whole family and reinforcing its importance at school.

Ooka Island Early Literacy Software (Meadowbrook)

With HEF support, Ms. Lang and the K-1 reading teachers have brought more fun and excitement to learning phonics, encouraging reading, and stimulating comprehension through state-of-the-art software

Hands-On Gardening (George G. White)

HEF continues its tradition of funding Mr. Abrey’s successful program teaching students to grow vegetables and flowers from seed, starting indoors and transplanting outside.

Panama Rainforest Videoconference (Meadowbrook)

Ms. Alderton brought the Panama Rainforest – and an onsite ecobiologist – to her second-graders through a live videoconference as part of Montclair State University’s PRISM program, preceded by a month of learning about ecology, climate, geography and culture.

After-school Winter Enrichment Programs (George G. White)

HEF funded new and innovative after-school enrichment programs for students in January and February 2013 ($4,500), including:

  • Forensic Science – Ms. Cannella
  • Hillsdale’s Gems / Seniors Scrapbook Tribute – Ms. Santos
  • Beading Extravaganza – Ms. Pizzo-Defina
  • Scratch Computer Animation – Ms. McDonald
  • Recycled Art – Ms. Sweeny
  • Cooking Around the World – Ms. Sakalosky

Global Encounter (Meadowbrook and Smith)

All fourth-grade students at both schools completed their virtual trip around the world with Toby and David, learning about geography, events, culture and life in Africa, the Mideast and Europe. In November 2012, HEF even brought the world travelers to each school, in person, to meet students for an entire day.