Benefits of Membership

Become a trustee because…

1. You’ll help bring enrichment programs to our students.

  •  Working together, we can provide early and impactful exposure to current technologies—STEAM initiatives (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics)—as well as global encounters like videoconference calls with scientists, explorers, art curators, and educators around the world.

2. You’ll be in the loop on educational issues within all of Hillsdale’s public schools.

  • Our meetings include regular updates from the Superintendent of K-8 Schools.
  • Teachers attend our meetings to present plans for upcoming programs and to share details about current programs. It’s a great way to meet and engage with more teachers, and hear directly from them about the educational tools and programs our children interact with at school. We share a unique opportunity to discuss about planned changes at the schools, as well as new or upcoming events.
  • For parents of elementary school children: Learn what’s happening at the middle school! Time flies, and before you know it your little one(s) will be heading off to George White.
  • You’ll begin to learn the teacher and administrator names, new terms, and all of the things that make middle school a unique experience. Many new programs and opportunities will be available to your child in middle school, and it’s helpful to orient yourself ahead of time!

3. You’ll meet new people, make new friends, and expand your professional network.

  • Engage with teachers, parents, administrators, and local business owners all across town.